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Trail Cameras & Security Cameras

Here at Professional Trapping Supplies we are the original importers of trail cameras & security cameras into Australia. We only stock and sell quality brand cameras such as; Reconyx cameras, Browning trail cameras, Moultrie trail cameras, Scoutguard trail cameras, Spromise, Spypoint, Wingscape cameras and I-gotcha. Before a camera hits the shelves it goes through a rigorous testing process. To ensure you get the quality your looking for. If you are looking for advice on the right camera to suit your purpose, we are here to help! 

We specialize in providing cameras for a wide variety of purposes. Our cameras suit applications such as; Illegal dumping, Security, game animal monitoring, wildlife research, general surveillance and more. Thanks to our many years of service, you can be at ease knowing the product you receive is going to fit the job. All of our cameras have the latest technology, providing you with crisp images, and the data you need in a timely fashoin. We are happy to pass on the information we have gathered, to give you the best chance of success with your cameras. Our products include cameras such as; number plate cameras that captures moving cars number plate, cameras with invisible flash technology, cellular capabilities, Bluetooth connection and more.
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