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Reconyx Desiccant Sheets

Reconyx Desiccant Sheets

Reconyx Desiccant Sheets


18 sheets per pack!

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Reconyx Desiccant sheets solve the problem of moisture seepage into a camera. Moisture seepage happens in an area of high humidity, it typically occurs after heavy rainfall. The pressure of the camera seal and high humidity will force moisture into the camera through the tinniest cracks. Those who are in those areas of high humidity, desiccant packs will help to prevent your valuable camera from possibly having water ingress.

Desiccant packs are a silica infused sheet, because silica is a highly absorbent material.

The desiccants come in a pack of 18, therefore providing you with multiple cameras protection in one purchase.

Reconyx Dessicant Sheets fit all of Reconyx’s camera range including: Ultrafire, Hyperfire 1, Hyperfire 2, Mircofire. The desiccant fits snug into the Ultrafire, as the desiccants are roughly the same size. Cut the desiccant in half to fit into the microfire, due to the small size. Its possible for 2 to fit into a Hyperfire, since they are larger.

The desiccant packs are easy to fit into the camera. they sit on top of the batteries in the battery compartment, the desiccant also touches the internal face of the cameras, to keep he moisture from possibly getting on the motherboard. Use one per camera.

To find out any further information on Reconyx Desiccants sheets inquire by email or call.


  • Silica Infused
  • Highly water absorbent
  • 18 per pack
  • Fits all models
  • Easy to install.

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