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telescopic inspection camera pole

Telescopic Inspection Camera Pole

Telescopic Inspection Camera Pole



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The Telescopic Inspection Camera Pole is the latest multi-functional Video Inspection Camera system. Due to its wide range of applications they have built the camera to withstand many different conditions. All pole sizes feature a white LED flash instead of Infrared.

There are currently three different options in size for this camera pole:

TP05: LED Lamps Telescopic Inspection Pole 5m

TP08: LED Lamps Telescopic Inspection Pole 8m

TP10 : LED Lamps Telescopic Inspection Pole 10m


  • 1080P HD Video & photos
  • 7″ HD colour LCD screen displays live feed
  • Supports 64GB SD card storage
  • Playback image and video review
  • Sun shade included on monitor
  • 5000mAh battery, 10 hours working time
  • HDMI durable connector
  • Telescopic pole options: (5m, 8m, 10m available)
  • 64GB memory included
  • Flash illumination reaches up to 2m

The pole is water resistant however the display screen is not, exercise caution in preventing the monitor from getting wet.

The Telescopic Inspection Camera Pole comes standard with the following equipment: A pressure resistant, lockable alloy carry case, to keep the camera safe and parts together. 7″ display monitor with video and photo capturing abilities, with SD card included. Small aluminum poles to connect to the body creating a tripod, charges and a manual.

Due to the versatility of the pole, there isn’t one set use for the inspection pole, it can be put to the task for many different applications. (Below is a list of uses the camera can be applied to.)

Applications of the Telescopic Inspection Camera Pole:

Animal survey, underwater inspection, pipelines, drains, sewer lines, ducts. Tanks, water leaks, exhaust vests, tubes, chimneys, industrial lines, confined space investigations, heating and cooling lines, attics, wells, underwater, maintenance of plumbing and wiring behind walls. Channel and drain lines, sewage tanks, ventilation shafts, civil engineering, electrics installation shafts, cavities, rescue areas, heavy vehicle inspections, vehicle under carriage inspection, boat hull inspection, aqua terrain inspections underwater vegetation.

For more information on the camera pole, give us a call!

  • 360 degree rotating 7″ 1080P HD
  • 7″ HD colour LCD screen to display live feed in real time
  • Screen resolution: 1024 x 600
  • Max brightness: 500cd/m
  • Supports photo, video & playback, with no delay
  • One button open style patented sunshade and 5000mAh battery + 10 hours working time
  • LEMO HDMI durable connector
  • Telescopic pole (2.5m, 5m, 8m & 10m available)
  • Compatible with 64GB memory cards
  • High light IR LED lamps extend to 2m – Controlled by DVR power button
  • USB cable included

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