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Spromise S378 Security Box

Spromise S378 Security Box

Spromise S378 Security Box


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We know how valuable your cameras are, that is why we suggest the use of the Spromise S378 security box. If your camera is in an area of any possible theft or damage.

The Security Box is a durable sold steel box, with a front sliding face or ‘bikini design’. Which is compatible with either a lock or python lock. It is a Solid construction that helps prevent theft of your cameras, it doesn’t completely prevent the camera from being stolen or damaged. Due to the open face in the box for the camera to see the area. The box can be broken but, it is only with use of power tools. There is a light brown finish to the box colour, to assist in blending into the tree. It doe not take the edges out of view. The use of a camo tape or our gillie tape, will help disguise the unnatural corners out of the box.

Te camera’s field of view is not impaired by the security box. The cut outs in the security box allow for the motion sensor and camera to have a full field of view.

For more information on the Spromise S378 security box give us a call!

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