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Echo Meter Touch 2 Pro

The Echo Meter Touch 2 PRO Ultrasonic Module creates high-quality, super quiet recordings. That are far more effective than calls created by bat detectors. Bat calls are identified and entered the Module through an integrated acoustical horn.  The engineering has reduced unwanted echoes through the acoustic horn. The horn efficiently directs the bat sounds into the Module’s ultra-quiet microphone element. (The same as the SMM-U2 ultrasonic microphone) Which can capture frequencies of up to 192kHz. The Module’s onboard computer than converts the sound into digital data and streams it to the Echo Meter Touch app. This device is changing the way we analyse calls and how easily we do so. All you need to operate this device is a phone and the device itself. The small convenient size makes it easy to carry it around with you and save on space.

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