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6v/12v Battery Charger


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    The 6v/12v battery charger is a smart charger that can read and apply the correct amount of charge the battery requires, as well  as read the voltage of the battery. It is important to have a battery charger with your rechargeable battery. This is due to the battery running flat for a prolonged period of time will kill it. Batteries come charged but it can be useful to ensure its at full battery before deploying equipment.

    Battery charges are not the only means of recharging batteries. Solar panels are a great way of keeping a battery charged and providing convenience. Since the battery will be getting charge while still supplying the device with power. Here at Professional Trapping Supplies we know how important it is to have durable long lasting batteries. That is why we do our best to give you the best batteries and charges we can find.

    It comes standard with an alligator clip and a Ring terminal connection.

    This is a charger you can set & forget about, featuring:

    • 7-step Charging Program
    • Auto Voltage detection
    • Charges 4Ah to 20Ah
    • Maintains up to 100Ah
    • 2 year warranty

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    • Input Voltage: 100-240VAC, 50 / 60Hz
    • Charging Voltage: 6v / 12v auto
    • Charging Current 1.0A
    • Low Voltage Detection: 7.5v (12v) 4v (6v)
    • Battery Type: All SLA batteries, ( VRLA, Wet, MF, AGM, GEL)
    • Battery Capacity: 6v / 12v: 4-20Ah (Maintain: up yo 100Ah)
    • Housing Protection: IP20
    • Operating temperature: -10 to + 45 degrees Celsius