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Antenna Tripod

TM5.7 Antenna Tripod – (Aluminium Mast & Tripod)

TM5.7 Antenna Tripod – (Aluminium Mast & Tripod)


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The TM5.7 Antenna Tripod, is an Aluminium Antenna Mast & Tripod. Which is able to reach any where from 1.8m up to 5.7m. It is collapsible for easy an transport and is able to hold most antennas. The main factor is if the lead of the antenna is long enough to extend from 1.8m to 5.7m. The extra .5m to 1m can be the difference between getting a signal and not. On request we can modify the lead of the antenna to make it extend up the mast.

It works well on rough and uneven terrain, it is due to being able to be pegged into the ground by its tubular feet. This will help with resistance against the wind, rain and any other natural disturbances.

The G8.5 or G6.5 is recommended for use with this Almunium mast. Since these two antennas have the highest dbi gain and an omni-directional signal. The Antennas are sold seperately to the mast and tripod.

The point of this tripod antenna mast is to give your antenna the right amount of height. Since it can get the signal above most of the scrub and bushes, therefore the signal is not interfered.

For more information on the TM5.7 Antenna Tripod contact us today!


  • Works well in rough or uneven terrain
  • The Height is adjustable from 1.4m to 5.7m high
  • it has Tubular feet with mounting hole for pegging into ground
  • Flat feet inserts available
  • Stainless Steel high tensile bolts with nylon spacers
  • 1370mm feet width apart

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