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Spromise S378 Cellular Camera

Spromise S378 Cellular Camera

Spromise S378 Cellular Camera

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The Spromise S378 Cellular Camera is a multifunction camera, able to send both MMS and Emails. It operates on the Telstra 4G / 3G network, using a sim card. Send images to your mobile device via MMS or send images to your email via mobile data. A pre-paid or pay as you go phone plan is required to use these features.


  • trigger speed: 0.6
  • large field of view: 58°
  • it is full covert: Camo Colour
  • Detection range: 25 meters
  • flash range: 20 meters
  • photo burst: 1 – 10
  • time lapse: Intervals up to 24hrs
  • Sounds recording: Optional
  • Receive photos in under 5 seconds when on the 4G network.

*More features listed in Specifications*

The S378G features an SMS control feature. Which allows you to request photos or modify the camera settings from the comfort of your office or home. Various programming options are available to suit your needs and lengthen the battery life. An application to access your camera/s is available, (visit the Link).

A manual comes standard with the camera, if the manual gets misplaced there is an electronic version is attached.

We recommend the use of Fujitsu NiMh batteries with this outdoor camera.

For more information on the Spromise S378 Cellular Camera get in contact with us today!

Spromise S378 Cellular Camera

  • Picture Resolution 3MP/5MP/8MP/10MP/12MP
  • Video Resolution 1080p 30fps,720p 30fps,
  • Trigger speed 0.6s
  • Lens FOV (Field of View) = 58°
  • Night Illumination Infra Red or No Glow
  • Display Screen 2.0” LCD
  • Memory Card up to 32GB
  • Trigger Motion (PIR) / Timer (Time Lapse)/SMS retrieve
  • PIR Sensitivity Adjustable (High/Normal/Low/Off)
  • Detection Range Up to 25 meters
  • Flash Range Up to 20 meters
  • Temperature -20 – 60℃ (Operation) -30 – 70℃ (Storage)
  • Trigger Interval 0s – 60 min
  • Time Lapse Interval Up to 24hrs
  • Photo Burst 1–10
  • Video Length 1–30s
  • Sound Recording Available

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