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Fujitsu NiMh AA Rechargeable Batteries


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    The Fujitsu NiMh AA Rechargeable Batteries, have a capacity of 1900 mAh. They are a High Quality, low self discharge Nickel Metal Hydride battery that is able to recharge up to 1800 times. Fujitsu NiMh batteries are ready to use, pre charged in the factory prior to delivery. Manufactured in Japan by FDK Twicell Co, Ltd, the sole Japanese manufacturer of Low self discharge NiMh.

    Most cameras and devices are compatible with fujitsu NiMh batteries. They are a money saving battery as they are rechargeable so many times. These batteries are a major helping hand for the environment as they can last for years. Whereas other battery types such as: alkaline & Lithium are mainly only good for one use. The Fujitsu NiMh AA Rechargeable batteries require a smart charger when on charge as ‘dumb’ chargers don’t read how much charge a battery has. It puts out the right amount of power for a set period of time. Whereas ‘smart’ chargers read the amount of charge a battery has then applies to appropriate amount of charge. For the right period of time.

    We have smart chargers in stock, Enecharger Battery Charger 12 cell. 

    For more information on any of our products, Batteries,  chargers, etc. Give us a call or inquire by email now!


    • High Cycle life, longer service life and lower replacement costs
    • Low Self Discharge for longer storage life
    • Higher performance in low temperature conditions than other NiMH or Alkaline batteries
    • Higher voltage equating to a higher usable capacity than standard NiMH batteries


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