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Spy High Multi Mount



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    The Spy High Multi Mount is for mounting your camera and various other items, such as; solar chargers, signal booster or antennas, this is all easily attachable with the use of the extension pole. If you would prefer 2 cameras are able to be put up on either side. This is a great advantage to catch both sides of your deployment zone.

    There are additional parts needed to use this mount. This style of trail camera multi mount is the first of its kind and will not be the last. Two individual camera attachments are still required to click the cameras in the multi mount. As well as the tree attachment, which the dual mount easily locks together with.

    it is compatible with all or if not most cameras and solar panels. The exception will be on if the thread size of the camera or solar panel is the same as the mount. If the camera does have the right size thread, the Spy High Clamp mount is compatible with the dual mount system. The clamp may have issues attaching to the solar panel and not blocking out sunlight.
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