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    How can I pay for my order?
    Our new website now has a shopping cart and payment can be made with credit card online. However, if you would prefer to make payment over the phone via credit card or by direct debit, please contact us by phone.
    How do I choose which trap is best?
    Using our search option on the website is a good place to start, good descriptions of the traps and their purposes are there for you. Alternatively, we are happy for you to call 07 5539 3926 or email us with any questions to help to decide which trap is best.
    How do I set up the trap, and what bait do I use?
    Set-up instructions and best baits to use are provided with your order.
    How long will it take for my order to arrive?
    Most orders are shipped the next workday after receipt of our payment. Each shipment delivery time will vary depending on your location, however most are delivered within a few days to a week. All orders will have tracking, so if you felt that your order was taking too long, please contact us and we can track it for you.
    How much does freight cost?
    Freight charges vary according to your delivery address and your specific order. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our customers get the best freight option with their orders.
    Which trap is best for brush turkeys?
    The CSD440 is our recommendation for Brush turkeys, as well as larger feral cats!
    Which trap is best for cats?
    The CSD310 is the best domestic cat trap, it comes with our without a removable rear door. If you feel that the cat you are trying to catch is a larger feral cat, you may want to consider the CSD440 Super Cat, the upsized version.
    Which trap is best for foxes?
    The FSD440 is an excellent cage trap for foxes, with it super quick closing doors. Foxes are also able to be trapped utilising foot traps as well, see our range of foot traps, accessories and lures.
    Which trap is best for possums?
    The RPT260 is designed for possums, it will easily fit through your manhole to place in your roof space. It is also good for larger bush rats, bandicoots and rabbits.
    Which trap is best for rats?
    Our Range of Sherman traps are live catch and come in three different sizes, see which one is suitable for your rat. The RPT260 is suitable for larger bush rats, and also possums, bandicoots and rabbits as well.
    Can you recommend a trapper or pest control company?
    It is often best to check with your local council to see if they can recommend anyone, or search online perhaps.
    Can you deliver to a PO Box
    Yes but only with Australia Post. Our other shipping option is with TNT and they do not deliver to PO Boxes