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ScoutGuard SG562-C 18M


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    Scoutguard SG562-C 18M HD White LED Flash Camera

    This is the camera used by professional conversationalists and university researchers. The SG562-C has 18MP colour pictures or video with the latest white LED technology. This is the upgrade model to replace the SG860C. Now you can have colour pictures or video day and night. Along with the white glow LEDS (20x BIG LEDs) it has a built-in picture viewer and runs on 4 or 8 x AA batteries. Great for wildlife monitoring to help identify different species.  These LED’s are vital to what this camera does best, take night time videos and now comes with 14 Mega pixel upgrade from 8MP from previous model. Also comes with HD videos. Enjoy this most powerful camera which takes colour videos at night and day.


    18MP image resolution & 1080p video

    100ft detection lighting range

    Takes colour picture & video at nigh

    Supports up to 32GB SD card

    Adjustable sensitivity