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Enecharger Battery Charger 16 cell

Enecharger Battery Charger 16 Cell

Enecharger Battery Charger 16 Cell

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Enecharger Battery Charger 16 Cell

The Enecharger battery chargers are a smart charge in the sense of how they measure the batteries charge before discharging power, it will determine the right amount of charge for the battery to be restored back to full, as opposed to other chargers that work on a timer system.

16 cell automatic quick charger/discharger for 1-16 AA & AAA NiMH cells. Input 100-240VAC or 12VDC.

Specially designed for rechargeable batteries used in digital and audio products.

Battery capacity and charge times :

  • AAA 700mAh 4.0 hours
  • AAA 900mAh 5.0 hours
  • AA 1000mAh 2.75 hours
  • AA 1600mAh 4.5 hours
  • AA 2000mAh 5.5 hours
  • AA 2300mAh 6.5 hours
  • AA 2900mAh 8.0 hour

Features :

  • Recharges 1 to 16 pcs of any mix* of AA and AAA batteries at a time
  • Powered by an external ANZ (SAA) approved AC switching mode adaptor with worldwide input (100 – 240VAC 50/60Hz)
  • Includes 12V car lighter adaptor
  • Each cell charges independently of the other
  • 16 independent channels with individual LCD display for proper charge, discharge and trickle charge
  • Intelligent microprocessor controlled
  • With negative delta V cut-off function
  • Refresh discharger function
  • Temperature sensors to avoid battery damage caused by over-heating
  • With mechanical and electrical protection against incorrect polarity
  • Auto detects faulty and non-rechargeable batteries
  • With maximum charging timer control for overcharge protection
  • Charge rate – AA cells 500mA, AAA cells 250mA
  • Discharge rate – 250mA

Dimensions :

  • Width : 105.4mm
  • Height : 29.2 mm
  • Length : 305mm

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