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Victor Base Plates


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    The use of base plates on victors are a useful regular tool for trappers to use. The base plate reinforces the strength of the base of the trap. As well as the holding strength of the trap.

    Base plates are welded onto the bottom of the foot trap with a D ring inbetween the weld and trap. The chains attach to the D ring.So for the optimum holding strength we recommend a Jake Chain Rig. 

    Base plates that are available are:

    • Victor #1
    • The Victor #1 1/2
    • Victor #1 3/4
    • Victor #3 – 2 & 4 Coil

    Both the 2 and 4 coils are compatible with base plates. they are made of high grade America Steel.

    To get them added onto your Victor traps while ordering online. Please leave a note on the bottom of your order. As well as ordering them in the same order as your traps. There are Base plates available for other brands of foot traps. Scroll through our range of traps and plates to find the best trap for you.

    It’s is often best to strengthen up the base frame to prevent distortion, D ring included.

    For more information on Victor Base Plates get in contact with us today!