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Jake Chain rig Parts

Jake Chain Rig

Jake Chain Rig



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The Jake Chain Rig can be used on any style foot trap. They are the best practice and help to prevent loss of target and injury to the trapped animal.  This is a must have addition to your preferred foot trap due to their ability to hold against strain. This is due to the shear load of power the chain can with stand from an animal, time after time. Thanks to the T bar shock spring absorbing most of the pressure by being a moving part.

The chain rig consists of the unique T-bar shock spring, double stake ring and your choice of crunch proof swivels or welded rod swivels. Each part of the Jake chain are sold separately, except for the welded rod swivel. Browse our website for individual parts.

Comes standard on Jake traps.

The Jake Chain comes in two options. Either with welded rod swivels as connectors or MB Crunch proof swivels. Both type of chain are suitable for every trap, we can attach the chain to the trap prior to shipping since they get ordered separately to the foot traps.

We only use genuine JC Conner parts, be aware since there are fakes being sold in Australia.  Know what you are buying.

For more information on the Jake Chain Rig get in contact with us today!

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