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JC Conner Jim Digger



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    The JC Conner Jim Digger is ideal for preparing your dirt hole trap site. It is one of the strongest trapping tools ever made. Made out of stainless steel.

    Jim Connor himself uses this tool to dig the holes for his foot trap set ups. It is ideal to use gloves while using this tool and digging holes for you set up. This is due to your scent transfering into the soil or from the tool to the soil.

    There are two options the digger comes in:

    • It has a one piece handle with anti slip grip surface, with no handle on the end.
    • 1/8 steel blade and heavy 1.2″ re-inforced steel shank shovel. There is a D handle on the end of the digger.

    ** D Handle version now available!  It has a cold rolled steel D handle.** The D handle is slightly easier to use over the one piece, since you can put more power through the shovel.

    This is a solid sturdy construction, which will last for most of your trapping years. The digger is built to last and with stand a life time of shoveling.

    For more information on the JC Conner Jim Digger get in contact with us today!