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Tracker Drag

Tracker Drag


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This is a two-pound, 1″ x 1/2″ solid steel Tracker drag. The easiest and quickest to bed. Once you’ve tried this drag, you will be convinced it is number one. No other drag will or can compare to the Tracker.™

“In the early 1970s, when I started trapping in the West, drags were my main hook-up for trapping. There was lots of brush for the animals to get hung up in, and much of the time the ground was too hard to drive a stake. I used Mike Ayers drags and his ‘Dog Knot’ stakes until I started making my own. I used various sizes and weights and ended up with the Tracker™ Drag (rigid), the Tracker Plus™ Drag (pivot)  and the Tracker™ Pro Drag with forged points  (rigid and pivots) which I make today.” J.C.Conner

Forged points with pivot head and “kickers” that let both points dig in. All styles of drags have “kickers”, kicker shovels serve 2 purposes.

  • Helps the points of the drag dig in
  • It leaves a 2nd drag mark for better tracking

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