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Ketch All Spare Parts

Ketch All Spare Parts

Ketch All Spare Parts


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Ketch All Spare Parts

Here at Professional Trapping Supplies we don’t just sell Ketch All Spare Parts. We also use these parts to repair and refurbish poles. We offer this service option as it can be quite difficult to remove and change parts of the pole.  For more information on Ketch All Pole repairs please inquire now.

Below are the list of components that suits all types of Ketch All Poles. Ketch-All Spare parts to suit various standard, quick release and extension poles. If you are replacing parts on you own there are instructional videos on Youtube, or we can talk you through how to change parts. Since a Ketch Pole has so many hidden and hard to get too parts it can be quite difficult to keep clean. Cleaning will the pole will majorly extend the life of a ketch pole as most poles we repair get dirt and liquids sticking to moving parts. This does eventually prevent the pole from working, but with some cleaning it can largely increase the life.


  • Locking Device (Comp 1)
  • Release Know Standard / Extension (Comp 2)
  • Hand Grip Standard / Extension (Comp 3)
  • Head Complete (Comp 4)
  • Tooth Guard (Comp 5)
  • Chuck (Comp 6)

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