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Telescopic Bite Stick


Sold Only to Animal Control Professionals

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Country of origin USA
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    A Telescopic Bite Stick (Animal Bite Stick or Dog Bite Stick) is an Expandable baton predominantly used as deterrent against aggressive animals.

    Our Telescopic Bite Stick is specifically manufactured for longevity and durability, it is made from high quality steel, with a soft grip handle.

    Both sizes of the Telescopic Bite Stick come complete with a heavy duty, belt mountable nylon holster.

    Easily and quickly extended with a flick of the wrist.  It can then be easily reduced by applying pressure to ball end of the baton against a hard surface to fit back into the holster.

    Telescopic Bite Stick is available in two sizes;

    Small – 53 cm Collapsing down to 21 cm (0.5 Kg)

    Large – 66 cm Collapsing down to 26 cm (0.6 Kg)

    Please Note: Telescopic Bite Sticks are sold ONLY to be used for animal control purposes.