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Bite Guard Gloves

Bite Guard gloves

Bite Guard gloves


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Bite Guard Gloves (BGL) are 18″ split-grain cowhide gloves with Kevlar lining. The gloves go up past the wrists and up to the elbows. They are designed to give the most protection possible for handling wild animals. An all-around animal handling glove that features a Kevlar lining for puncture protection up to the elbow.

This could be from either the claws or teeth of animals.

These gloves are great for handling small wild animals, cats, and birds. All animal handling gloves by tomahawk are bite resistant. Most of the gloves they produce are Kevlar lined and split grain or just split grain.

No glove should ever be considered bite proof, this is due to the difference in jaw strength on animals. As well as the pressure of the bite could do damage, but keeps the teeth off the arm. Please always exercise caution when handling animals even with gloves on.

There are  sizes of Bite Guard gloves, Small, Medium and Large.

Please note: No gloves are bite proof.

For more information on the Bite Guard gloves get in contact with us now!

  • Kevlar lined gloves
  • Bite resistant gloves
  • Reach up to the elbows for more protection
  • Available in 3 sizes: Large, Medium & Small

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