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Tomahawk's Extendable Snake Hook

Tomahawk’s Extendable Snake Hook

Tomahawk’s Extendable Snake Hook



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Tomahawk’s Extendable Snake Hook are available in 2 lengths, 29″ to 47″ (74 – 120cm) and 51″ – 94″, (129 – 239cm). This lightweight extendable snake hook feature a fiberglass outer tube and a hexagonal inner tube, the two tubes are locked in place and easily extended with a bayonet clip. The hexagonal shape is cleverly designed to prevent any twisting or turning of inner tube, ensuring you can hold the heaviest snakes.

The hook is made from 9/32″ stainless steel for extra durability, opening is 3 1/2″ to hold thicker snake. Latex tubing is lined on the hook to keep the snake comfortable while being handled. Hook comes with a neoprene grip on handler end for more comfort and control. This durable, heavy duty, yet light weight hook is built to last a lifetime.

  • Large Hook (320M): 51″ – 94″ (129 – 239cm)
  • Small Hook (320L): 29″ – 47″ (74 – 120cm)

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  • Available sizes: 29″ to 47″ & 51″ – 94″  (74 – 120cm & 129 – 239cm)
  • Hook opening: 3 1/2″ (9cm)
  • The hook is made of */32″ (0.7cm) Stainless steel
  • Comfortable latex tubing on hook
  • Lightweight & Heavy-duty!

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