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Freeman Hammock Net – Extendable

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    The Freeman Hammock Net (FP-24H – FP36H) has proven itself as an excellent field net. The flexible hoop allows the net head to bend when put under pressure, rather than breaking. This is an asset against hard surfaces easing the capture process in tight spaces. It’s net features tough yet stretchable nylon netting for maximum comfort for the animal, as well as reducing the risk of a tear in the netting. The small mesh gives more comfort and reduces the chance of injury to the animal. The hammock net has a quick locking cord closure, its nylon cord lock secures the animal quick and easily within the netting. The locking cord is closer to the head of the pole and runs up handle for an easier use.

    The Hammock nets comes in two extendable sizes, the handle extends out for a longer reach. Both sizes are extendable, The smaller hammock net is: 47″-65″ and the larger Hammock Net is: 71″-106″.

    For the most personal protection while using the Hammock net, we recommend using Tomahawk ArmOr Hand Kevlar gloves.

    • FP-24H: 47″ – 65″
    • FP-36H: 71″ – 106″

    Net hoop diameter is 17″ and net bag is 40″ deep.

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