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Frontier Rigger Trapping Gloves


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    Frontier Rigger Trapping Gloves are a Cow Grain Glove, they are a B Grade grey/white cow grain. The wing thumb allows for better open hand pulling and grabbing. Overall, it is more comfortable to wear while providing protection for the whole hand. Cow Grain is the outer-most layer of the hide, it’s the part of the hide you can see. It’s the strongest layer as the layers are tightly woven together making the fibres dense.

    After Waxing or dying your traps its best to wear a pair of gloves to prevent your scent from sticking to the traps again.


    • B Grade grey/white cow grain
    • Wing thumb allows better open hand pulling and grabbing
    • In sewn elastic
    • 250mm length

    Available sizes: Large, X Large