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Field Pro Handling Leash

Field Pro Handling Leash

Field Pro Handling Leash

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The Field Pro Handling Leash provides relief upon the professionals who regularly place themselves in harm’s way to provide rescue, enforcement, etc. These pros need tools that can work as hard as they do, providing the reliability, durability, and versatility to get the job done. The Tomahawk Field Pro leash is designed to do that and more. Starting with an 8′ piece of some of the best technical static rope in the world. This leash goes on to incorporate features designed to serve any mission.

One end has a trigger snap clip for connecting to collars and harnesses. The clip is specifically sized and engineered to quickly and securely connect to rigging belts and around objects, giving the leash added retention options. The trigger snap can also be used to create an adjustable handle for use with the slip lead end of the leash. The quality and diameter of the rope ensures a stable, wide-open loop when using the slip lead. A simple cord lock helps to secure the ring against an animal’s neck. Finally, the clip can be connected to the stainless ring on the slip lead for use as what is commonly called a ‘safety lead.’ That configuration allows you to walk a dog then remove the leash without reaching toward the animals’ head again.

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  • 8′ technical static rope
  • Snap clip
  • High Quality
  • Green or Orange

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