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Wildlife Acoustics Echo Meter Touch 2 (IOS)



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    Wildlife Acoustics echo Meter Touch 2 IOS is the first of the echo meter range. It comes in both the Android and Iphone compatible options.

    Bats emit an ultrasonic vocalization, which are hard for people to detect. But with the sophisticated technology inside the affordably priced Echo Meter Touch 2, you can turn your smartphone or tablet into a professional-quality, interactive bat detector, allowing you to hear and record bats flying above you.

    The echo meter touch 2 and touch 2 pro are both compatible with the Kaleifdoscope softeware. This software analyises the calls and sorts them into categories. Which is a great tool to have in your pocket to sort through data much quicker.

    • Affordably priced for citizen science
    • Listen to and record bat vocalization in real time
    • Identifies the most likely species of bats via the free echo meter touch app
    • View bat echolocations in real-time on a colour spectrogram
    • Shows recording locations and path on a zoomable map
    • Share your discoveries easily via text and email
    • Please note that an On The Go (OTG) Adaptor is required to use the Echo Meter Touch with Apple devices with a USB C connection

    For more information on the Echo Meter touch 2 IOS get in contact with us today!