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Bush Turkey Trap

Bush Turkey Trap CSD440

Bush Turkey Trap CSD440


Australian made from quality materials!

Country of origin:

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Introducing our Bush Turkey Trap CSD440, the upgraded version of our renowned CSD310 model, specially designed to target larger and more cautious cats and bush turkeys. With over 25 years of experience in trap manufacturing and development, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality traps built to last.

Unlike other traps held together with clips, our Bush Turkey Trap CSD440 features welded rigid trap joints for superior durability and strength. Reinforcing rings further enhance the openings, ensuring extended life and enhanced performance in the field.

Operating via a foot paddle trigger located at the rear end of the cage, our traps offer a simple yet effective trapping solution. Just place the bait at the end of the trap, and when the cat or turkey steps on the foot paddle, the door swiftly shuts. A locking mechanism then engages, preventing any chance of escape.

Bush Turkey Trap CSD440 Features:

  • Dimensions: 83 x 44 x 40cm
  • Optional mirror attachment recommended for turkey trapping
  • Mirror inside the trap provokes territorial reaction from turkeys, facilitating quick and easy trapping
  • Easy-to-use design ensures efficient trapping without harm to the animals

For optimal turkey trapping, we recommend using the mirror attachment. Simply place the mirror on the outside of the cage to lure the turkey into the trap swiftly. Once captured, the mirror can be easily removed for subsequent use.

For more information on our Bush Turkey CSD440 contact us today!

Dimensions: 83 x 40 x 44cm

Trap options:

  • Welded rear door
  • Removable rear door
  • Removable clear panel
  • Mirror

Built to last from quality materials.

Australian Made!

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