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Pigeon Trap PT385

Pigeon Trap PT385

Pigeon Trap PT385


Quality Australian made traps, built to last!

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Our Pigeon Trap PT385 is a simply yet effective trap. It has a single one way entrance, that the bird cant get back out of. When the fingers of the trap are down they can only be lift up from one direction. It has a bird capacity of approximately 10 pigeons. It is imperative that a feeding program be introduced before the trap is activated to ensure that the birds are comfortable to go into the trap. This will make the trap less daunting to the birds. We manufacture the Pigeon Traps from Australian galvanized mesh.

The options below are for creating ease while removing birds from the cage. Pigeons are a declared pest in Australia and are one of the biggest pest birds. It is not illegal to trap Pigeons, however you need a general license to kill a pigeon.

Options available:

Standard (fixed rear)

Rear removable door

Hatch (top)


74 cm x 25 cm x 38.5 cm – weighs 5kgs.

“They look fantastic, super heavy duty and Australian made!

“Thank you for the awesome customer service”

TR Pest Control – SA

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