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Wingscapes AutoFeeder


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Wingscapes AutoFeeder

Wingscapes’ latest innovation, the AutoFeeder bird feeder makes bird feeding easier than ever. Unlike conventional feeders, the AutoFeeder allows you to determine how much seed to offer and when. The result is your feeder stays filled much longer and birds learn to visit your feeder at the times of day that you choose.

The AutoFeeder is constructed of metal and heavy ABS plastic to withstand years of outdoor enjoyment. The metal cap locks into place with metal hanging wire. Vents keep seed fresh.

Three-button, easy programmable timer
Battery compartment holds four AA batteries (not included)
Fresh batteries operate feeder for more than 1 year
Feeder platform provides plenty of space for birds to land and feed
Tray drains to keep seed dry
Metal parts resist squirrel damage
Two year warranty against manufacturer defect, electronics/motor failure and bird damage

The AutoFeeder holds 4 litres of seed (any type) and requires refilling far less often than traditional feeders. Perfect for situations where frequent refilling is difficult.

Easily program your feeder to dispense seed up to four times each day. Set a run time from 1 – 20 seconds to control the amount of seed dispensed.

Birds learn to visit at programmed feed times – when you are there to watch them! See more birds and refill your feeder less often!

Check out the YouTube video for more information

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