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The Friendly Rabbit Trap with Live rabbit

The Friendly Rabbit Trap

The Friendly Rabbit Trap


Sold in a box of 5, not individually.

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The Friendly Rabbit Trap is an environmentally friendly trapping system. It is designed to capture rabbits on the way out of the burrow. Preventing any chance of the trap injuring the rabbit or injuring itself.

The trap like the name “friendly” is completely humane and non-harmful to the Rabbit or any other animal. The slim elongated cylindrical shape fits perfectly into the burrow without needing to expand the opening.

It comes in boxes of five traps, so each exit to the burrow can have its own trap.

Since the patented “friendly” Rabbit Trap was invented by Rudi Paoletti in July 1991 over 109,000 units have been sold worldwide. This incredible number of units gives no doubt to the fact this trap is effective and reliable.

Pricing is for a box of five, not sold separately.

For more information on the friendly rabbit trap give us a call!

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