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Scik9 - Plastic TADD Jar

Scik9 – Plastic TADD Jar

Scik9 – Plastic TADD Jar




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Scik9 – Plastic TADD Jar – Training Aid Delivery Device.

The Plastic TADD is a jar that allows scent from the contents to be released without spilling a drop or any of the elements getting in. This jar is perfect for concealing and testing dogs on their target aid tracking, whether it is narcotics training, explosives, diabetic, food and more. The gas tight chemical resistant gasket preserves the scent of the contents and allows it to last much longer.

The Plastic TADD Jar was designed to meet the following standards:

  • NASA Outgassing Compliant* to be extremely low odour, so the only scent you train your dog on is the training aid
  • Inert and highly compatible with most training aids
  • Rugged enough for daily use and training
  • Cleaned according to EPA standard methods
  • Capable of being decontaminated and deodorized of human scent or environmental doors

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How to load the TADD:

  • During any part of the process, it is recommended to use nitrate-based gloves, preventing any unnecessary human odour displacement.
  • Remove Glass TADD Jar from packaging
  • Remove and discard blue divider paper
    • Found between the membrane assembly (black lid) and the glass jar
  • Load the glass jar with your training aid
    • DO NOT load jar more than 50% with liquids or 75% with solids
  • Close TADD jar with the membrane assembly (black lid)
  • Screw on containment top (white lid)


  • Visually inspect TADDs before and after use to look for signs of damage or wear
  • Remove the containment top (white lid), ensuring that you hold tightly onto the membrane assembly (black lid), as the membrane lid should remain sealed onto the glass jar
  • Once the containment top is removed, the membrane assembly grid will be exposed, releasing odour from the TADD

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