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Liquid Logwood Dye

Liquid Logwood Dye

Liquid Logwood Dye


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Liquid Logwood Dye cleans, & dyes, while removing scent from the traps. Dying will help to get the most out of your traps

Instructions: Remove grease or oil from new traps. Traps should be rusted before coloring. Remove wax from previously treated traps. Use 9 oz bottle of trap dye to 5 gallons of water. Heat water to a boil, then lower to simmering point. Place traps in the dye and leave them in until black. Traps may be left in overnight. Coloring solution should be hot before removing traps to be waxed.

Note: Dying traps helps seal the trap so you do not have to deal with rust in the future. As with any piece of equipment you want to keep for an extended period and have it work properly then you do not need it to be rusty. Rust will slow your traps down and they will not last as long.

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