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Koala Carry Cage


We are not a reseller, we manufacturer the carrier – 100% Australian made

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    The koala Carry Cage is for the safest, easiest transportation and removal of a Koala. It has a hatch like door on top of the carry cage, to maximise the size of the entry point. The plastic bottom is for the Koala’s comfort, over a mesh bottom. There is the option for a green or charoal cover specifically for the cage, which blocks out most visibility in and out of the cage. A gap between the bottom of the cover and plastic bottom allows for air flow through the carry cage.

    If  you come across an injured koala or a koala in need of help. Unless the animal is in immediate danger do not handle the animal yourself. If the Koala is showing signs of stress DO NOT attempt to touch or pick the animal up. Koalas have a natural fear of Humans. If the Koala is injured, stressing the animal out by trying to pick it up will only make the situation worse. Leave it to the professionals and call a wildlife aid group such as RSPCA, Bush heritage, Wildlife Resue, wildcare  or the closest wildlife rescue group to come and take care of the animal properly.

    For safety of handling Koalas, see our animal handling section for personal protective equipment.

    Trap dimensions are: 52cm, 38cm, 46cm by 4kg

    This carry cage was developed at the request of RSPCA, it is the strongest and most sturdy design possible. Unlike our competitors, the tub base is heavy duty and built to last as well as 100% recyclable and Australian made!

    For more information on the Koala Carry Cage give us a call

    • Comfortable tub base for the Koala’s comfort
    • Large rectangular structure that can fit more then 1 Koala
    • Handles on either side for safe and easy transportation
    • 100% Australian made
    • Plastic Base 100% recycleable