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Kitty Crush Transfer Cage KC310


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    The Kitty Crush Transfer Cage (KC310) is the ideal means of restraining an animal to sedate, evaluate for injuries and transport. Using the Kitty crush is anaccessory to the CSD310 rear door cat trap. As the Kitty Crush is not a trap. When the Kitty Crush is backed up to the CSD310 it fits perfectly. The spring loaded arms attach on either side of both the cat trap and Kitty Crush. This is the ensure the 2 traps don’t come apart in the transfer process.

    The Kitty Crush is easy to use, once the cat is caught attach the KC310 to the rear of the trap with the with the springs and side arms. Then remove both rear panels of the trap and Kitty crush so the cat can move into the KC310. Once the Cat is in the other cage, put the rrear panel back in the Kitty Crush. There is a panel on slide rails that allows the user to push the animal against the back end of the kitty crush. This restrains the cat and allows accessible from top, bottom, sides and front.

    An option of a clear polycarbonate rear door for microchip scanning. As well as an extension handle to help keep your hands completely clear of the cat during the process.

    We manufacture the Kitty Crush from Australian galvanized mesh, with stainless steel springs. Individual modifications can be carried out if required, please contact us directly.

    Dimensions: 72 cm x 32 cm x 31 cm.

    CSD310 Rear Door 

    For more information on the Kitty Crush Transfer Cage get in contact with us today!


    Dimensions 72 cm x 32 cm x 31 cm weighs approximately 5kgs.

    Please note this is a rigid cat trap, not collapsible, made from quality materials, therefore built to last!