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Caller Bird Carry Cage

Caller Bird Carrier

Caller Bird Carrier


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The Caller Bird Carrier is designed for the transportation of birds, whether they may be injured, rescued, caught or a pet. It also has a multi-purpose function to lure in larger territorial birds into a trap. If the user catches a smaller bird and places it into the carry cage. Place the carry cage into one of our larger traps for the target bird to come investigate. It can respond with a territorial reaction and want to chase the other bird away. Or have a curious reaction and see why the bird is chirping. This method for trapping pest birds has been proven to work and is being used to relocate aggressive birds.

You could use either a cage trap or net trap as the larger trap. Both traps are live catch and non-harmful.

It comes in two sizes the difference is the length of the cages.

length 21 x Width 23 x Height 26

Length 38 x Width 23 x  Height 26

The door is a vertical sliding door, with a simple locking mechanism on top.

Made completely out of Australian sourced galvanized steel, making the Carrier sturdy and durable.

For more information on the cages give us a call.

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