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Kaleidoscope Pro Analysis Software

Kaleidoscope Pro Analysis Software

Kaleidoscope Pro Analysis Software

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Wildlife Acoustics Kaleidoscope Pro Analysis Software – allows you to analyze terabytes of acoustic or ultrasonic recordings quickly and easily.

Kaleidoscope Pro Analysis Software is an integrated suite of software tools that let you cluster and visualize recordings, automatically identify bats, and analyze sound.

Cluster Analysis – Label recordings & create custom classifiers quickly.  Within minutes, Kaleidoscope Pro can quickly analyze thousands of ultrasonic or acoustic recording files. The software detects similar vocalizations, and groups them into Clusters. This innovative feature eliminates hours of tedious listening, making it much easier to examine vocalizations and label recordings.  Kaleidoscope Pro’s clustering technology enables you to create your own classifiers from known recordings.

Auto-ID for Bats – Identify bat species.  As well as Cluster Analysis, Kaleidoscope Pro includes auto-ID bat classifiers that suggest the most likely species of bat found in the recordings. Currently, Kaleidoscope Pro helps you identify bat species from North America, U.K., Europe, South Africa, and the Neotropics.

Kaleidoscope Viewer – Assists to assess ultrasonic and acoustic sound files visually.  Kaleidoscope provides an easy to use viewer that shows the details of each recording. Listen to recordings, apply filters, and adjust playback speed and amplitude. For bat work, the Viewer works with full-spectrum, time-expansion or zero-crossing recordings.

 Noise Analysis – The Noise Analysis feature allows you to scan a group of recordings to analyze the noise spectrum and generate a report of noise levels in accordance with various standards.

Easy Report Generation – Reports can be exported easily into Excel and other applications for pivot table and chart creation.

15 Day Trial available – Kaleidoscope Viewer and File Converter are available free

Versions available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems at a 12-month Professional subscription. Discounts available for University subscription. Contact us directly!

For more information on Kaleidoscope Pro Analysis Software give us a call!  Compare the Kaliedoscope Lite (Free Version) and Pro

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