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Funnel Trap

Funnel Traps

Funnel Traps


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A Funnel Containment Trap is particularly useful in catching snakes, pygopods, fast-moving widely-foraging skinks and reptiles that climb out of pit-traps. Funnel Traps are great for installing along fly wire or shade cloth drift fences, often in conjunction with pit-traps. Animals in a Funnel Containment Trap are usually in exposure to direct solar radiation so ensure they have shade covers.

Shade cloth covers with wooded battens to hold them in place are effective. The shade cloth does not completely enclose the trap which is important as airflow is necessary to keep trap temperatures cool. In warmer conditions, two shade covers should be in use to protect the animal. To avoid shade covers coming adrift clip them to the drift fence.

We have the equipment available to keep you safe and out of harms way after catching the snake. Check out our range of Snake gear.

This new and improved version of these Funnel Traps has stronger and more robust zips and is made of quality shade cloth that is easy to see through.

Trap dimensions are 18cm x 18cm x 79cm

$40.00 each

$36.00 each for 10

$27.00 each for 25

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