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Bridger #3 Rubber Jaw

Bridger #3 Rubber Jaw

Bridger #3 Rubber Jaw



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The Bridger #3 Rubber Jaw foot trap is an excellent mid-size foot trap. It is suitable for Dogs and foxes. Since it is a rubber jaw trap it takes some of the pressure off the leg, the trap is not harmful to the animal. The Bridger trap is popular among trappers, both in America and Australia. The inside Jaw spread of the Bridger 3 RJ is 16.2cm, which is a large area to increase chances of a catch. If you would prefer a larger pan area, check out the Bridger 5.

Bridger Traps come standard with a base plate, and small chain. A Jake chain rig can be added to the existing chain on request. On request the base plate can be welded to the trap for extra strength. There is also a paws I trip pan option, which is a larger pan and is dogless. Both options are sold separately, look for them in the trapping accessories section.

  • Inside Jaw spread: 16.2cm
  • Pan dimensions: 2 1/4 ‘ x 4 3/4″
  • Weight 1.1 Kg

The Jake Chain tail rig completes your trap setup with a T-Bar shock spring, MB Crunch proof swivels & a Double Stake Ring.

For more information on the Bridger #3 rubber jaw foot trap contact us today!

  • Inside Jaw Spread: 6 1/16′
  • Pan dimensions: 2 1/4 ‘ x 4 3/4″
  • Weight 1.1 Kg

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