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Asafoetida Tincture

Asafoetida Tincture


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Asafoetida Tincture is a strong passion lure used for attracting canines, felines and foxes. It has a very bitter smell almost like spirits, after the first wave it dials down and has a sweet lingering aroma.This is a fantastic all round lure, that could give you the edge you need. The tincture is made from gum it has quite a few other names such as; Stinking Gum, Food of the Gods, Devils Dung, Asant, Giant Fennel & Hing. It is a native plant to Iran in the but has been all around the world. Asafoedita is a great ingredient in the formulation of both lures and baits. An old tappers tip is one ounce asafoetida tinctured or powdered is enough for a gallon of lure & bait. It will permeate the base during the ageing process. It is easy to use too much in the formula in the beginning when formulating by nose. Using this plant as a canine attractant goes way back into the 1800’s. It was a common practice with the old timely Michigan wolf hunters to treat their baits the tincture, beaver castor and honey. It can also be put out on its own. For more information give us a call!

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