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Wildlife Acoustics Song Meter SM4

Wildlife Acoustics SM4 Song Meter

Wildlife Acoustics SM4 Song Meter

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The Wildlife Acoustics SM4 Song Meter is a dual-channel acoustic recorder protected by in a weatherproof housing. Which is capable of capturing large volumes of data from your target area such as birds, frogs and aquatic life.

It features two built-in microphones, extensive scheduling options, large data storage and low power consumption, giving you the longest deployment times of any acoustic recorder available.

Wildlife Acoustic’s SM4 Song Meter features a new generation, built in microphones to ensure higher quality recordings than those from all previous Song Meters. The SM4 has two additional microphone ports adding flexibility to record additional data from a cabled microphone.

Two channels gives you the flexibility record two sources of audio at the same time, the SM4 has dual channels. Record in stereo or mono using the built-in microphones alternatively connect one or two cabled microphones to have the ability to record audio from points further away of wildlife such as birds in the forest canopy, or frogs at a nearby pond.

Record up to 650 scheduled hours on your Song Meter over months while using four D cell batteries, 350 hours using NiMH batteries or even longer using external power.  When the SM4 is in Sleep Mode, between scheduled recordings, it uses almost no power.

The SM4’s new Quick Start menu and Scheduler feature are an industry first. The Song Meter comes with standard recording programs; including daytime, nighttime, and continuous recording schedules. Simply choose the schedule and press the Start button. The SM4’s new Scheduler features makes it easy to create custom schedules that suit your exact needs.

Wildlife Acoustics has installed two SD card slots into the SM4 Song Meter, that accept SDHC and SDXC cards. The SM4 is now compatible with 1TB SD cards enabling up to 2TB of storage.

Listen to your recordings in the field, the SM4 features an integrated headphone jack to monitor activity in real-time.

For more information on Wildlife Acoustics SM4 Song Meter give us a call!

  • Industry-standard line of birds, frogs, and other vocal wildlife audio recorders, with over 20,000 SM4 family recorders sold to date
  • Proven and reliable, with only 0.64% of recorders requiring in-warranty repairs
  • 3-year warranty
  • Weatherproof design suitable for any environment
  • Compact, at 8.6” x 7.3” x 3.1” (218 mm x 186 mm x 78 mm)
  • Built-in fail-safe and fault-tolerant technology, including two flash cards for failover and extensive internal diagnostics
  • Two built-in, low-noise microphones allow for quality, stereo animal recordings
  • Flexible gain settings and high-pass filters for optimal performance in different recording environments
  • Record 510 hours scheduled over months using four D cell batteries, 305 hours using NiMH batteries or even longer using external power.
  • Choose a quick-start schedule or easily create your own
  • Strong anti-alias filters improve signal-to-noise ratios
  • Capable of storing terabytes of data to two SDHC/SDXC flash cards
  • Optional cabled microphones and hydrophones
  • GPS attachment allows you to set date, time and location for multiple recorders
  • Save card space via W4V compression, doubling the capacity of SD cards without degrading recording quality
  • Compatible with Kaleidoscope Pro software to quickly scan recordings to help find species of interest

New firmware update extends deployment time, visit the Wildlife Acoustics site to find the firmware.

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