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Freeman Multi-Purpose Net

Freeman Multi-Purpose Net

Freeman Multi-Purpose Net


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If you’re after trying to catch a cat in a tight space the Freeman Multi-Purpose Net (FP-MP) is for you. Due to the size and shape it assists you to reach into small openings or spaces. Since it has a strong and lightweight design, that is shorter than 45cm (18″). Handling makes it excellent for close quarters.

Freeman has added a locking cord to safely secure animals in the bottom of the net. Thanks to the locking cord it reduces the wriggle room the animal has. The Multi-purpose net bag is 40cm (16″) W with a 127cm (50″) circumference and is 91cm (36″) deep.

Net handle is 45cm (18″) completely covered with a durable yet comfortable neoprene grip to prevent slipping.

Total net length is 91cm (36″). The complete net weighs just under 1 kilo. Due to the nets lightweight nature it therefore makes mobility for the user much easier.

Freeman’s Multi-purpose net is such a lightweight product, its easy to wield and move around for the fast targets you are going after. It is light enough to easy hold in one hand and move quickly. If the animal runs into the net it is suggested to hold the handle with two hands, to ensure the net doesn’t slip out of your hands.

Come and try the multi-purpose net for yourself and be surprised by the ease of usage. The multi-purpose net is compatible with any animals under 5 kilograms, due to its light weight build. This therefore suits most mammals, cats and more.

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