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Bait Sticks

Bait Sticks – 12 Pack

Bait Sticks – 12 Pack


Sold in dozens

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The use of a Bait Stick (BS12) makes trapping easier than ever. Using proper baiting techniques are very important for trapping your target animal. These are very effective in proportioning a bait or lure and are good year-round. Bait sticks come unscented with a sponge end for holding bait paste or scented liquid lures.

Simply apply paste or liquid lure to the sponge end by dabbing the sponge into the liquid or bait. Then hang in the rear of the cage trap behind the trip pan. This will make the animal more likely to go into the trap to get the stick. This could give you the extra edge you need to get that pesky cat into the trap.

Browse our large rang of lures and baits to use this product. We also produce our own cage traps to put the stick-up in. A large amount of lure or bait won’t be needed to attract the animal. Lures and baits are pungent scents that travel along the wind very well.

For more information on the Bait Sticks give us a call!

  • Easy to use!
  • Dab the stick in bait and hook up
  • Hooked end
  • Absorbent foam head
  • Bait Sticks sold in dozen packs

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