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Freeman Cage Net


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    The Freeman Cage Net (FP-CC) can perform many tasks, thanks to its versatile net. It works on animals under 11kg, which can suit many different species e.g; Cats, small/medium Snakes, Birds, Mammals and more. This Cage Net can reach into tight spaces through its manually activated opening. The sliding handle pushes a slim metal bar to open out the side of the main bar with the net attached. Which easily closes again by sliding the handle back.

    The net is simple and easy to use, due to the convenient sliding handle to easily open and close the net. When securing the animal, simply pull the slide and roll up the net. It features a full-length zipper running along the bottom of the bag. This makes examination, treating and release animals easier than ever before.

    It has a large net, made from a soft material  which is gentle on the animal. The small mesh greatly reduces any chance of tangling and aiding in an easier release. The mesh also helps reduce the risk of damaging or splaying the feathers of birds.

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    •  net length: 127 cm
    • nylon mesh net: 32″ deep, 11″ diameter, 48″ circumference.
    • High grade aluminium with stainless steel parts and nylon mesh.
    • Replacement net and cable are available for purchase.
    • Net is super strong and durable, weighs only 2 lbs.


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