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Double Door Domestic Cat Trap CSD3102D


Quality Australian made traps, built to last!

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    Our Double Door Cat Trap is a walk through version of the Standard Cat Trap (CSD310). The foot pedal is in the middle of the trap, instead of on one side. This trap is able to use one or both doors. One door is a slave door that must open before the master door, or you can set up the master door on its own.

    The double door addition can increase your chances of a catch. As the animal can see a way out rather than the back of a trap. Cats are very cautious creatures and sometimes need the guarantee of a way out.

    All of our traps are made from galvanized steel, they are built to last!

    Designed for catching small to large felines and possibly smaller canines.

    The larger version is available, Two Door Super Cat (CSD4402D).

    Dimensions: Length: 100cm x 32 high x 33cm wide, Check out the CSD4402D for a larger trap.

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    Check out the video below on directions for setting the trap.

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