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Victor #1 Soft Catch Foot Trap


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    The Victor #1 foot trap is the softest catch small animal trap currently on the market. This trap will not cause damaged to the animals leg. It will frighten them more than it hurts the animal. Its main target species are rabbits and hares. The Victor 1 is the smallest trap of the Victor range along with the Victor 1 long spring. The next step up in size is the victor 1 1/2, which suits cats.

    Victor Soft Catch Rubber jaw traps are designed to ensure the animal is not injured when captured, an extensive range of tests can back up that victor traps have one of the softest jaw impacts on the market. These traps do not come in Offset laminate.

    Due to the small size of the trap it is quiet easy to set. It doesn’t take a mass amount of pressure to release the arms. Victor traps all have a dog as the setting mechanism which set over the top of the jaw. Foot traps have one lazy jaw for safety and to make setting the trap easier.

    the Jaw spread of the open foot trap is 4″ (10.16cm).

    For more information on the Victor #1 Foot trap get in contact with us today!

    • 4″ Jaw Spread
    • Shock Springs
    • Adjustable pan
    • End Swivel for attachments