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Moultrie Feeder Activator


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    Moultrie Feeder Activator Remote Control for Feeders

    Moultrie’s Feeder Activator is a universal remote control that will operate on most 6 or 12 volt battery operated feeders. Simply attach the receiver’s clips to the motor and battery located inside the feeder kit and operate by pressing the button on the remote unit. A red light will illuminate on the remote when you have activated the feeder to run. The feeder will run for five seconds and automatically stop after five seconds. It’s that easy!

    The Feeder Activator operates from a distance of up to 90 meters away. Use the Feeder Activator to activate a feeder from your tree stand, truck, ATV, home, boat or pier. The Feeder Activator is a great way to attract wildlife with the touch of a button.

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