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Collapsible Northern Quoll Trap (CQT)


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    The Northern Quoll Trap is an easily collapsible and assembled. It is a step down in size from the Collapsible Possum Trap. The target species are smaller mammals and animals such as; the Northern Quolls  or Bilbies. This trap can only be used for catching native animals by government departments. Since it is illegal to catch native animals without qualification or an exemption. Therefore this trap can catch small non-native animals for the everyday user.

    Due to the small and compact size of the trap when folded up makes it easy to store and transport. Due to the small size of the trap is it easily able to fit into a crawl space within your roof. Or small openings underneath a house. This trap is not suitable for a fully grown Possums.

    The trap’s trigger is a small mesh foot pedal at the back of the trap. There is a metal bar connecting to a spring which holds up the door. When the foot pedal is set off the collapsible trap door is set off and snaps shut.

    Dimensions: H 21.5 cm x  W 19 cm x  L 50.5 cm

    Instructions on how to collapse, assemble and arm the trap is in the manual.

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