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Clover Trap - Deer Trap

Clover Trap Deer Trap

Clover Trap Deer Trap


Australian Made!

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Our Clover Trap Deer Trap is Australian made! It is a rigid body heavy duty steel trap, paired with heavy duty netting on the external walls and roof. The netting is flexible and able to absorb pressure exerted on the walls of the trap.

It is fitted with a drop down, guillotine style door set off by a trip wire trigger. The trigger needs to be manually placed on either side of the trap, trigger height can be controlled on set up, as well as the trigger sensitivity.

  • Length: 170cm
  • Width: 120cm
  • Height: 150cm

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Contact us for further information on the Clover Deer Trap.

  • Trip wire trigger
  • Rigid body
  • Heavy duty netting
  • locking mechanism

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