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Bridger #5 Rubber Jaw Foot Trap



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Country of origin USA
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    The Bridger #5 Rubber Jaw is a 4 coil trap. It comes standard with a small chain for possible attachment of a jake chain rig. The Bridger 5 is the largest of the Bridger range, which comes in both rubber jaw and offset options.

    This is one of our largest traps suitable for wild dogs. With 4 coil springs it has plenty of power to hold the largest dogs you would come across. The larger pan size can increase your chance of a catch as there is a larger surface the dog can stand on and still be caught. This is a great trap for beginners.

    There is a dog on the #5 and has a much larger pan than most trap. It is a strong sturdy trap that has been used in Australia by trappers for many years. And most likely will continue to be far into the future. The next step down is a Bridger #3 rubber jaw trap, also 4 coil and is suitable for cats dogs and foxes.

    Add a Jake Chain Rig to finish the chain

    Authentic American made product, from American steel.

    For more information on the Bridger #5 Rubber Jaw foot trap get in contact with us today!

    • inside Jaw spread: 180mm
    • Pan size: 95 x 75mm