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Victor 3 Paws-I-Trip Pan Kit

Bridger Paws-I-Trip Pan Tension Kit

Bridger Paws-I-Trip Pan Tension Kit


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Bridger 3 Paws-I-Trip Pan, Suits both for Victor #3 Soft catch & Bridger 3.

The circular shape of the pan maximises the available pan space the trap provides, the trimmed off edges rests slightly apart from the jaws. * displayed in picture*.

Enhance your traps capability, effectiveness and sensitivity by adding heavy duty quality hardware. It increases the life expectancy and decreases close non-captures. This is the perfect addition to your Bridger traps. Combine your foot trap with the Paws-I-Trip pan and a Jake chain rig for the best opportunity to catch every chance.

Bridger 3 Paws-I-Trip Pan kits attach easily to provide automatic tension, audible set point, minimal pan creep, and no pan wobble.  Tension can be easily adjust by bending the night latch dog up or down.  Simple to install, no special tools or welding required, instructions included.

The Paws-I-Trip pan comes with the option of a night latch dog. The night latch dog has a bubble on the end of the dog. Or a notch out of the end of the dog. This bubble or notch will make the pan click into place once it is pushed down to right spot.

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