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The Bilby Burrow Trap

Bilby Burrow Trap

Bilby Burrow Trap


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The Bilby Burrow Trap is a slim elongated trap designed to fit into the head of the burrow. Since Bilbies are nocutrnal animals this comes at an advantage to trap placement. The acrylic rear panel provides a visible path out of the trap.

Dimensions: 680mm long x 210mm high x 185mm wide.

The rear removable panel is fitted with a lock and acrylic panel. .

Trigger pan is made from sheet metal.

The 2.5mm galvanised wire is Australian made and welded into 25mm x 25mm squares. Another option of 1.6mm galvanisedwire welded into 12mm x 12mm is available on request.

The Bilby Burrow Trap is made in-house from galvanised steel and welded for the best strength possible

For custom orders or modification give us a call!

Proudly Australian made!

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